Some of Annemarie Estor’s poetry, originally in Dutch, has been translated into other languages.

1 ENGLISH ( Biography Annemarie Estor English ) 

Three poems by Annemarie Estor, translated into English by Frederick Turner

Het geluid van ritsen Annemarie Estor into English

Hierbij verklaren wij Annemarie Estor into English

Kamer zonder ramen Annemarie Estor into English

Three poems by Frederick Turner, translated into Dutch by Annemarie Estor

Winter Storm in Texas Frederick Turner into Dutch

Spring Storm and Pear Trees Frederick Turner into Dutch

The Kite Frederick Turner into Dutch

2 ARABIC ( Biography Annemarie Estor Arabic )

A long poem written by Annemarie Estor as a response to a long poem by Adnan Adil, translated by Hazim Kamaledin into Arabic and published on

A simple poem by Annemarie Estor, simultaneously written in Dutch and in Arabic. MIJN OMA ZJEDDATIE ESTOR

Another simple poem by Annemarie Estor, written in Arabic:

Ik drink muntthee bij het open raam.
De wind uit het oosten wast mijn gedachten
en verandert mijn angst in een lange zomer.
Jij bent als suiker tussen mijn tanden.



Translations into German by Stefan Wieczorek

Translations into French by Daniel Cunin

Translation into English by Willem Groenewegen

Translations into French by Jan Mysjkin (in progress)

Translations into Romanian by Jan Mysjkin (in progress)

(for details, please contact Annemarie)

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